Your child's senior year of high school can be very expensive. You will have fees for tests, graduation, announcements, invitations, cap and gown, yearbooks and ads in them, college applications, prom and of course, senior photos, along with so much more. Ashlea Brooke Photography is giving you the opportunity to save some money by allowing your child to become a Senior Ambassador for my studio. You MUST sign the parent consent form with me before I book their first session and accept them to my team. It’s available by clicking the link below. By your child applying to be an AB Senior, you are permitting Ashlea Brooke Photography to use your son’s/daughter’s first name and photograph on my blog, website and in marketing materials. As well as submitting them to be part of magazines and chances at winning scholarships. You are confirming you have the authority to commit to this. The signing of my contract and application in no way obligates the Seniors and/or their parent/guardian to make additional purchases from Ashlea Brooke Photography. You also MUST attend your child's first individual portrait session and/or a mandatory informational introductory get together (I will provide more information on that once your child has been accepting to my team!) I will also answer any questions you may have about the program at this time.


I am looking for upcoming Seniors for the graduating Class of 2024 with outgoing personalities and who like to have fun. I prefer my team members to be involved in extra-curricular activities, community and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done, whatever the job may be. Your senior portraits should reflect your personality. For your individual session, bring in a couple of outfits that represent your style, & if you need help with what to wear, I got you! If you play a sport, bring in your uniform. If you play an instrument, bring that, love to read then bring books. This is all about YOU, and I want you to be comfortable and confident and let your beauty shine! 

No, you don’t have to be a supermodel, just be an outgoing, fun-spirited person! Only thing I ask is that you tell your friends about me. A limited number of girls (+ guys) will be chosen from each area high school, so apply early.


As an AB Senior Team member, you are expected to treat this position similar to a part time job.
This includes, but is not limited to, upholding the following:

+You will be representing my company so I ask that you actively promote Ashlea Brooke Photography throughout the year. I will provide you other fun things to share throughout the year, outside of your beautiful pictures! All you have to do it share! I ask with your session that you don't share ALL your images at once, it's better to space them out by sharing one or just a couple at a time! 
+ I expect for you to have a positive, clean, fun, energetic outlook on life. I reserve the right to immediately terminate you if it comes to my attention that you have participated in any activities which could be deemed harmful to my reputation here at Ashlea Brooke Photography.
+ Ashlea Brooke Photography MUST be the sole photographer of your senior pictures. If you utilize a secondary photographer, I reserve the right to terminate you from the team. (This does not pertain to school/team pictures done for yearbook purposes etc, this only pertains to seeking out another photographer to do senior portraits as you will be contracted with ABP for those.)
+ I rely on your support and active team members will be rewarded with extra sessions and fun goodies throughout the year!
+ I get creative ideas throughout the year and will call on my seniors to help test them out! Although it’s not required, I always appreciate your help. Also these would be FREE sessions, just another perk of being an Ashlea Brooke Senior.
+Have a GREAT time and enjoy your Senior year, make new long lasting friendships, and gain confidence like never before!


The Senior Team costs the price of one session which is $1050. There are no additional fees, unless you choose to have your individual session in a location that requires a travel fee, or extra rental fee.

The individual package includes:
Up to a 2 hour session, at 1-3 locations, unlimited outfits, all the best images, and 25 graduation cards

I do offer payment plans as well! I do ask that a non-refundable retainer of $250 off the total package to be paid upfront, once that is paid I am more than happy to work with you to create a payment plan that works best for you!

A perk of being part of the AB Senior Team is that while yes, you are still paying for the price of one senior session, you will be receiving so much more than a regular session. You'll receive all items in the package above, plus at least 3-4 additional sessions, which can consist of individual, themed, and group sessions! 


It’s simple. Just be yourself!

All you have to do is send me an inquiry using the application below. Once the application is submitted I will then reach out to you with what to do next!

I am looking for outgoing and active individuals, who are not shy and are willing to brag about their session. I don't decide team members based on your activities or clubs, this isn't a college entrance essay. I am just looking for someone outgoing and willing to work hard as an AB Senior team member.

+ Side Note: Did you know that being on any of the teams for Ashlea Brooke Photography looks GREAT on your college or job applications, because it's considered an extra-curricular activity?


I am so excited that you are interested in the AB Senior Team! This is seriously one of my most favorite parts about my business!

The AB Senior team is focused on young ladies (and gents!) who are involved in their school and in their community, who represent themselves well on social media and in their lives. Although you will receive LOTS of gorgeous photos, there is so much more to being a part of this team. The girls (+ guys) create lifelong friendships and memories with each other (and me!) and we have so much fun. These girls (+ guys) will be your best hype team ever. We're all about boosting your confidence, body positivity, showing off your personality, your style, your interests, and capturing beautiful images.

My senior team is a group of high school seniors, based in the greater Chattanooga and surrounding areas who work with me for the duration of their senior year. This team is the face of my senior business. My seniors will receive multiple shoots with me beginning in the late spring/early summer before their senior year begins, all the way to cap and gown photos for their graduation. The team will share about my business and their experiences with me and the rest of the senior rep team.


AB Senior Team

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Junior Crew Application


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