+ Mac & Cheese
+ Elephants
+ Tennessee Vols Football
+ The Beach 
+ The Mountains
+ Reading (especially on a cozy, rainy Sunday)
+ Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch cereal (it's a shame it's only seasonal!)
+ Hocus Pocus + all things Halloween
+ Craft-a-holic (I have more craft supplies than I know what to do with!)
+ Just about anything thing with four legs
+ All things purple
+ Disney (especially Dumbo, The Little Mermaid, and The Princess and the Frog)

I'm the face behind Ashlea Brooke Photography. I’m a family + senior photographer, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I service all the surrounding areas as well in
East Tennessee and North Georgia!

First and foremost I'm a dog momma to the sweetest, most handsome 6 year old white boxer, named Banner. I have been with the love of my life, Brad,  for a little over 13 years now, and I couldn't ask for a more supportive guy. He truly gets me, always my yes man to my craziest of ideas, helps with everything behind the scenes (literally), and honestly I'd be completely lost without him by my side.

I have had a love for Photography since I can remember! Ask anyone who really knows me and they’ll tell you it’s been my lifelong hobby, passion and dream! I got my first camera when I was just a kid and in high school really took an interest! In the midst of the craziest year I've ever experienced, 2020 led me to take that hobby a little further and I opened my very own business. I’ve really been able to focus more than ever on making it more of a full-time job, and I love it!

All about  me, Ashlea Brooke

These are a few of my favorite things ...

+ Writing utensils (I LOVE a good pen or marker!)
+ A League of Their Own
+ To Kill a Mockingbird (book, movie, play)
+ I love musicals (Rent, Book of Mormon, Hamilton, The Sound of Music)
+ Gone with the Wind (which I'm named after)
+ Traveling (there are still so many places I want to see!)
+ Thanksgiving 
+ The BIG green guy, The Hulk (our dog is named Banner after Bruce Banner)
+ Animal Crossing
+ Anything True Crime
+ TARGET & HomeGoods
+ Marilyn Monroe