So you wanna know more about ABP?

I could tell you all about it, let's be honest it's my passion, I could talk your ears off about it! Instead why don't I just leave it here for you and if you have unanswered questions after, ask away!

Well here's the scoop! 

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There is a 50% non-refundable retainer due at the time of all bookings
(reserves your date)
Collections start at $300
(every collection includes a set amount of high resolution digitals, online gallery, and print release)

Once you send me a message for more info I will happily go over all pricing details and options, as well as all payment plan information if needed!

average investment

All of the packages I offer, come with a standard set amount of high resolution digital copies as well as an online gallery and and option to purchase additional a la cart digitals! I also have a photo lab where you may purchase any print you would like in an array of size. I also do custom grad cards, invites, Christmas cards etc.!

question 04 : Can I order prints and other products?

I know how excited you are to get your images back, my normal turn around time is 2-4 weeks. I do try and add a couple AMAZING sneak peeks via IG and Facebook within 72 hours of your session!

question 03 : When will I get my pictures back?

Yes, absolutely I do! I will work with you on a payment plan that is perfect for your budget. I don't ever want the investment price to hold you back on getting the images you deserve. Let me know if you'll need a payment plan, and we'll create something that works for you!

question 02 : Do you offer payment plans?

This will all depend on the package that you choose! They can run anywhere between30 minutes and up to 2 hours. My most popular session runs around 1 hour. Please plan on being at your session for at least the amount of time listed in the package you choose. Sometimes we may run a little over or sometimes we may not need that full allotted time.

question 01 : How long do the sessions run?

I can help with that! Every session I will help you plan down to the very last detail, outfits included! I've got everything you need to make your session go as smoothly as possible, including style guides! Need props, location recommendations, want a special themed session, too? I got you covered! 

question 08 : What do I wear?

Please do! I love when my seniors include special people in their lives! These photos are all about YOU! If you want to include your best friend, boy/girlfriend, dog, cat, grandma etc - DO IT! If it will make YOU happy, I want to include it! I also offer Bestie Sessions, ask me about them!

question 07 : for senior portraits, can i bring my bestie?

Yes, absolutely!! I LOVE animals! I just ask that you bring someone with you that can act as a handler. This will be someone NOT in the photos. I prefer to take all images at the very beginning or the very end of the sessions with them. I also will take into consideration weather etc. 

question 06 : Can I bring my pet?

This is something that I can factor into your package for an additional price. I do also have a list of hair and make-up artist that I trust and love, and would love to get that set up for you! This is completely optional and you of course don't have to have your hair and make-up done professionally to have amazing photos!

question 05 : Do you offer hair + Make-up?

I absolutely loved being on Ashlea’s senior team, the meet ups and photo shoots are always fun and something new and different. It’s always exciting to have a shoot with her because she is so kind and welcoming to everyone. She also makes the shoots comfortable for everyone instead of it being awkward. I have used her for prom pictures, senior photos, and plan on using her in the future for any event!


Being someone who can be very reserved and rarely takes pictures of myself or has pictures taken of me, this opportunity has allowed me to express myself and document my senior year. Being a part of a team of other seniors has given me confidence and make it easier to put myself out there. Ashlea has made the photo sessions very easy and fun. I am very thankful for this opportunity and happy that I chose to work with Ashlea Brooke Photography. 


I have loved being on the AB Senior Team. Ashlea gave me so much freedom to express myself in my senior pictures. She always helped bring my visions to life. She made me feel so pretty! I will do definitely look back on these pictures for a lifetime. She did such a good job of capturing this exciting time in my life! 


Ashlea has taken so many beautiful pictures of me, I think her work is GREAT! She was so easy and fun to work with! Not only that but she made me feel so comfortable during our sessions. I love that, and a I loved working with Ashlea Brooke Photography! I am so happy I was apart of the AB Senior Team! 


client love